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At Student Loan Cure, we focus on YOU

Student Loan Cure is here to assist you with Student Loans in an ethical and responsible manner. Unlike other companies who hide their prices, our pricing is on our website in plain English so you know the costs up front.

  • Analysis of your student Loans – FREE
  • Enrollment, preparation and submission to change your federal student loan repayment plan – $199
  • Consolidating your federal student loans – $599
  • Rehabilitating your federal student loans – $999
  • Yearly re-certification – $99
  • Re-calculations – $99
  • Administrative discharges & PSLF – Starting at $199

There are NO additional charges!
There are NO Commissioned Salespeople!

That’s right, our advisors do not earn commission so they are not motivated to push you into pricier resolutions or to pass you off because you won’t make them enough money.

Our advisors are here to assist you, explain your options, help you make your decision, prepare necessary documents and follow up with you to confirm everything has been completed. Even after we deliver your documents to you, we follow up to see if you have questions and to make sure everything processed correctly. Now that’s customer Service!

At Student Loan Cure, we focus on YOU, not our paychecks!

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